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Too Many People Are Part of the Problem in 2020 Political Discourse. Not Me — Here’s Why.

(03/03/20 5:42am)

Yesterday I was on Twitter and I saw a jarring image. Michael Bloomberg shared a picture of his campaign office in Flint, Michigan. “Eat the Rich” had been spray painted over the door. I couldn’t believe it. When did destruction of property become okay? When did that become proper political discourse? 

Buying a Vibrator Won’t Solve All Your Problems (Unless It’s Clit-Sucking)

(02/14/20 5:00am)

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve heard the old adage “if you’re facing tough times just go get a vibrator and all your problems will be solved.” My mother told it to me, and she heard it from her mother before that. But I’ve been skeptical — after all I’m not like those other girls, and I crave the emotional intimacy that only a sexual encounter with a human person can give me. Or, at least I thought so before I got my very own clit-sucking vibrator.

Amy Gutmann Won’t Rest Until Every Child in West Philly Plays Squash — Here’s Why

(01/25/20 5:00am)

Penn has long been committed to listening to the broader West Philadelphia community. Although students often wrongfully question this claim—referencing the planned clearances of communities along Walnut, the double standards in the policing of Penn students and young people in West Philadelphia, and Penn’s unwillingness to pay PILOTS—Penn does so much in some ways.