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Inside the Mask and Wig Pitch Room

The Mask and Wig Club, a private club in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, founded in 1889, is the oldest all-male collegiate musical comedy troupe in the United States. Here is an inside look into the minds behind the production. 

Formal Fail: Champagne and Shackled to a Radiator

Worst blind date I've ever been on. 

Huge L: Student Flubs Every Locust Interaction on Way to Class

We're going to take Locust today. It's going to be fine.

Coffee Chat: Carson Kahoe on Why He's Breaking Up with His Girlfriend

UTB's resident bon-vivant Lauren Sorantino sat down with Carson Kahoe, the Director of Without a Net, for the third episode of UTB Coffee Chats, brought to you by Gia Pronto Kitchen.

UTB Cribs: Brad's Sexy Bachelor Pad on Locust

Yeah, uh, it's a tent. 

Meet the Student Whose Power Never Turned Back On


Backpack Full of Chili 3: Chili Full of Backpacks

A cinematic masterpiece from UTB. 

VIDEO: UTB Man on the Street: Family Weekend

Parents, how do they tick? We sent a veteran UTB reporter undercover as a Penn Dad to find out.

VIDEO: The Toothpaster

This guy lost his toothbrush, so now he puts toothpaste on everything. Here is his story.

VIDEO: Homecoming 2017 Man on the Street

Alums share their thoughts on some of the biggest campus issues: dissection, gluten, and so much more.

VIDEO: Spicy Bowl Challenge

Penn's spiciest publication takes on Penn's spiciest bowl.

VIDEO: Spooky Suitor

Sometimes a well-defined jawline just isn't enough.

VIDEO: Bad OCR Interviews

If you know anyone looking for an internship, this position is probably still open.

VIDEO: Making Drinks With a University-Approved Bartender

We collaborated with a University-approved bartender to showcase a number of classic drinks and some seasonal ones, too. Bottoms up!

Video: A Backpack Full of Chili

We chronicled the journey of a man and his backpack full of chili. Is it a protein-filled, on-the-go lunch for the busy Penn student? Or is it just a messy inconvenience? You decide.

Video: UTB Staffers Try Onions for the First Time

Our staff has no idea what onions are, but they each took a bite out of one to find out. How will they feel about this new food?