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Girl with New Glossier Products Excited to Redefine Herself This Semester as 'Dewy'

(02/06/19 8:47am)

Rebecca Simmons (C ’20) felt a rush last week when she opened her pale pink package filled to the brims with sticky, glittery, over-priced substances from Glossier. She was finally joining the cultish “people-powered beauty ecosystem” since her mom completely ignored these items on her Christmas list. That’s fine – she’s not young or pouty; she’s not supposed to get it.

Senior Turns 21, No One Gives a Fuck Cause Didn't That Happen Already? Wow, You're Young!

(11/29/18 9:20am)

Senior Elise Harris was so excited to finally turn 21, a milestone she’d been looking forward to for years. When the day finally came, she was overjoyed to throw out her fake IDs, take her first legal trip to the liquor store but be nervous anyway, do lines off a Smoke’s toilet seat, and make life-shattering mistakes while blackout that would take days, if not weeks, to repair.

‘Ow! My Pee! It Burns!' and 7 Other UTI-Related Exclamations to Ward off That Creepy Guy at the Bar

(11/12/18 2:29am)

Picture this. You’re hanging out with your besties on a night out, just trying to get your drank on, when a man thinks his penis gives him the right to have a conversation with you. Hate to see it! But don’t worry, your night doesn’t have to be ruined. Bring out the big guns and use one or many of these UTI-related exclamations to ward off that creepy guy.

'He Trimmed His Nails Before Fingering Me' And 5 Other Hygienic Reasons Why You Should Cuff

(12/03/18 3:28pm)

Ladies, on this campus riddled with hand, foot, and mouth disease and midterms-induced greasy hair, we have to prioritize cleanliness when securing a mans for the long, cold winter ahead. Forget looks, brains, humor, or spontaneity: this cuffing season, we’re all about the sanitation. Here are six hygienic reasons to trap the ass of that germ-aware guy who’s been hitting you up.