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OP-ED: Sorry I’m Late I Couldn’t Find the Zoom Link

Hey I’m so sorry can you resend me the zoom link for today? Ugh, I know, I don’t know why I keep losing it. 

Jeremy Shows Patriotism by Hosting Super-Spreader Labor Day Picnic

"I keep a countdown of days until Labor Day like most people keep countdowns until Christmas," Jeremy explained. "One pesky little virus isn't going to stop me from enjoying the holiday I love." 

Sophomore Holds Out 'Til Zoom Call Ends Before Devolving Into Loathsome, Slovenly Creature

“You mean to tell me that her eager, cheerful, and studious demeanor was nothing more than a facade to obscure the odious and slothful beast lying within?” Amy Knox (C ‘23) asked in disbelief. “But she always volunteers first whenever the professor asks a question!”

Penn Frosh Excited to Thrive at Penn in Pain at Home

So what if I’m stuck at home with overbearing parents, shitty wifi, and the inability to go beyond my backyard?

Please, No More: Sophomore Desperate After Fifth Wholesome, Home-cooked Meal of Week

Steffey, a former Rodin resident who feels more at home with empty calories in one hand and a canister of high-fructose corn syrup in the other, has struggled to stomach his new meal plan.

Stop Complaining! Online School Means My Mom Packs My Lunch

My mom's lunch ensures that I will get at least two fruits and veggies, a sandwich (PB&J with the crusts cut off), a glass of milk, and two Oreos. With a wide variety of fruits and veggies including carrot sticks, celery sticks, apple slices, pear slices, peach slices, and strawberries, I'm consistently and dare I say eagerly left guessing what's for lunch.

Woke! Penn Students Engage in Mutual Aid by Finally Venmoing Me Back for Brunch

Penn students are coming to terms with what they owe to those around them. Finally taking decisive action, my fellow students have begun redistributing funds back into my Venmo to cover the cost of brunch from last spring. 

OP-ED: It Would Be Really Awesome If They Found a Vaccine

This pandemic has been pretty tough on everyone. For example, the other day I made soup and it took a long time. So frustrating! :/ 

Leaders in Every Field Announce Kelsey’s Twitter Has Never Been Wrong on Anything

Costello did not respond to a request from Under the Button for comment. Those close to Costello say she wasn't surprised by the news and, felt that something like this was coming.   

College Junior Sets World Record for Most La Croix in a Day

 After months of practice and training, College junior Damian Trout set the world record for “Most Cans of La Croix consumed in a day” at 241 cans.  

Only Gym Bro With Access to Weights Now Chad Among Chads

As the only brother with access to weights, Jacob was now a god among now-emaciated men. 

Here's How to Justify That Party You Went To

Your best fremeny only turns 20 and a half ONCE.

Penn Administration Cancels Semester After Learning Coronavirus Still Actually Exists

The decision reportedly comes after Amy Gutmann watched the news and learned that the coronavirus hadn't just "sorta gone away."  

Breaking: You Don’t Have to Go Home, but You Can’t Stay Here

This is a closing time reference! 

Practical! Penn Expects Big Money From Student Tuition and HUP Medical Bills This Fall

"The thought of how many exorbitantly-priced medical bills we’re going to be able to hit students, professors, facility workers, and West Philly community members with this fall, frankly, makes me start salivating,” confirmed the chairman of Penn's Board of Trustees. 

TikTok Ban Does More For National Security Than CIA in Past 70 Years

“It’ll definitely be more effective than anything we’ve done before, like propping up oppressive military dictatorships, funding and supplying  terrorists, and attempting coups on sovereign nations.”  

Penn Dining Publishes 23 Step Process Required to Cancel Meal Plan

Each step is revealed one at a time, forcing students to complete them in order from 1 to 23. Only after all 23 steps have been completed will a student's meal plan be canceled.

Travelocity Fires Gnome Leaving Him No Way to Pay for His Drug Addiction.

The ongoing pandemic has affected people all over the world, but no one seems to have been hit quite as hard as the Travelocity Gnome. Due to intense travel restrictions, Travelocity has been forced to make cutbacks, including laying off their spokesperson, the famous globetrotting garden gnome.

Penn Provides Free COVID Testing (Included with all Purchases $80,000 or More)

Coming to a school near YOU for THIS FALL ONLY, you can get your VERY OWN COVID-19 testing kit for FREE! Every Penn student will be provided with no less than TWO free COVID-19 testing kits prior to the start of the fall semester!

New COVID Guidelines Asking All Students to Return to Campus and Sit Very, Very Still

The administration is doubling down on asking students to return to campus with, “open hearts, a desire for fun, and a desire, but no commitment, to staying absolutely motionless for a considerable amount of time in accordance with our compact.”